Key Largo Real Estate

Key Largo, FL

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Key Largo real estate varies from cozy and residential homes to spacious oceanfront estates. Its proximity to the mainland makes it a desirable location, along with its convenient commercial areas. Diving, fishing, and other water activities are very accessible in Key Largo. The proximity of the Everglades as well as local state parks like Pennekamp offer countless opportunities for eco-tourism, including kayaking, snorkeling, hiking and bird-watching. Larger than most other islands of the Keys, the availability of homes tucked alongside the ocean, bay, or canals is excellent.

Because of Key Largo’s size, some properties offer better open-water access than others. Homes for sale in neighborhoods such as Port Largo are highly sought after for this reason. Not only do many homes have private concrete docks along Port Largo’s extensive canal system, but most of the houses are spacious and elegant. There are opportunities to purchase very private luxury waterfront homes in the Key Largo real estate market, as well, either directly on the ocean or the Gulf.

As Key Largo’s population and size is relatively large compared to many other islands in the Keys, the real estate market has something for everyone, including multi-family homes for investment, single family-homes in residential areas and waterfront condos.  As Key Largo is an extremely popular destination for dive tourism, there is generally a steady market for vacation rental homes which appeals to investment buyers.

Mile Marker Location: MM 91 – MM 106